Going out of town for a while? Have a vacant listing you want to keep an eye on?

For $499 a month we will make one trip a week to check on your property, and this INCLUDES basic yard maintenance.

Here is what we can do for your vacant property:

We will:

  • Mow the yard when needed.
  • Rake leaves, blow off debris, trim vegetation.
  • Pick up any loose trash.
  • Sweep, wipe down entry.
  • You can make additional requests!

We will ensure that:

  • All doors are locked.
  • Windows are shut.
  • Thermostat is correct.
  • Toilets are not running and are flushed.
  • Faucets are not running.
  • Flyers are stocked. (Report back to agents)
  • Lights are turned off (as desired).
  • Smoke and carbon alarms are not beeping. *
  • Any other issues are reported.

*We can replace batteries and will only charge cost for the batteries. If you need smoke and carbon monoxide alarms installed or replaced, that is a separate charge.

Call 503-543-1111 to order.